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In life we learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. Browse some of our featured installations below to witness the good, the bad, and the ugly of backflow prevention installations.

Our galleries are provided to instruct and to educate. Do you have some pictures of an installation you’d like to share with other NBBPA members? Please contact us to send us your pictures and descriptions.

Featured Good Installation

An example of Premise Isolation – uninterrupted supply

An example of Premise Isolation – uninterrupted supply

Objectives of a CCC Program

  • “premise isolation”
  • “point of use” protection
  • records keeping
  • clean up your own back yard
  • bulk water  -  filling stations
  • yearly testing
  • meetings / communications with property owners
  • encourage uniformity
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Featured Improper Installation



Irrigation mixing tank -

Some of the issues are:

  • Backflow device has been remodeled by installing an unapproved shut-off valve.
  • Backflow prevention device has not been tested
  • Hydrant being used was intended for fire fighting use only
  • What else do you see?
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