So what you get . . . is safe drinking water.

The NBBPA was formed in February of 2000 by a group of plumbing contractors, municipal inspectors, water utility employees, and facility maintenance managers dedicated to the issues of backflow prevention and cross-connection control in New Brunswick. Believing that cross-connection control and backflow prevention are the biggest problems facing the plumbing industry today, the NBBPA’s mission is to provide education and training to all industry professionals in the proper installation and maintenance of water systems, by eliminating or protecting all cross-connections.

The NBBPA meets twice a year and the meetings are open to non-NBBPA members. Communication and interaction among the attendees is emphasized. This is very beneficial especially to those who may have a particular backflow prevention problem, as the issue can be discussed and a satisfactory solution is generally the result.

The NBBPA has developed into one of the most respected and successful cross-connection control committees in Canada. The Association meets twice a year and the meetings are open to non-NBBPA members as well.

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