Partner Companies

Company Contact Region Phone Email
Plumb & More Services Ltd Lloyd Folkins Moncton & Area 506-387-4440
Dixon Plumbing & Heating Phil Dixon Fredericton 506-476-5377
J.D.MacKinnon Plumbing & Heating Ltd. John MacKinnon Fredericton 506-459-6633
Doak's Plumbing & Heating Rick Doak Fredericton 506-260-8888
Pemberton Plumbing Anthony Pemberton Moncton Area 506-372-5933
Ermen Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Mike O'Brien New Brunswick 857-1000
Moncton Plumbing & Supply Co. Ltd. Kevin Arsenault Moncton Area 857-4296 ext 104
Advanced Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd. Shannon Sheppard Moncton Area 877-1077
Racine Plomberie Inc. Yves Racine Edmundston 263-5172
Procare Plumbing Ltd. Mike Farrell Moncton Area 382-3700
D,G. Billings Plumbing Ltd. Dale Billings Fredericton 472-2283
Troy Life & Fire Safety John Borsella All of New Brunswick 857-9224
Underhill Testing & Repair Tony Underhill Fredericton & Area 506-447-1856
Ledoux Mechanical Ltd. Scott Ledoux Fredericton & Area 506-357-7510
Consolidated Services Limited Neal Dow Fredericton & Area 457-3328
Richibucto Water Specialties Raymond Doucette Richibucto & area 523-3232
Sterling Creek Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Jim McCloskey Fredericton & area 506-450-3929
Clowater's Plumbing & Heating Jill Dickinson Fredericton & Area 506-452-8330
Viking Fire Protection Inc. Alex Wallace New Brunswick 506-633-1993
E & R Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Christopher Taylor New Brunswick 506-773-4900
Design Built Mechanical Ltd. Charles Bernard New Brunswick 506-684-2765
Black and McDonald Limited Frederic Desjardins New Brunswick 506-858-5688
Plomberie 4128 Louis Poirier Caraquet 727-4128
Land and Sea Instruments (902)461-2009
D.E. Maritime Plumbing & Mechanical Ltd. Mark Campbell New Brunswick 506-650-1866
Eastwind Backflow Solutions Justin H. Cormier 506-381-2304
Legacy Plumbing & Heating Josh London Moncton & Area 506-875-8408

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