Wilkins 350AR and 375AR Backflow Preventers

Introducing the Wilkins 300AR Series Backflow Preventer, for the retro fit market, This device makes it easy to replace older existing products without the need to change existing piping.


The Wilkins 300AR Series offers a sustainable solution to plumbing, waterworks, fire protection and irrigation backflow preventers. The new 300AR Series backflow preventers are designed to provide the lowest life-cycle cost, while making repair and maintenance simple and cost effective. These new Wilkins products are designed for in-line repair, requiring fewer parts and less labor than other backflow products on the market.


Fully approved by the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California, the 300AR Series is a smart choice for easy installation and lowest total cost over the life of the unit. Customers need only provide the “A” (length) dimension on their existing backflow, and Wilkins builds a direct replacement designed for drop-in replacement. There is no need for additional spools or spacers, saving two to six hours of installation labor and up to two machine hours per backflow replacement. It is a smart choice for easy installation and lowest total cost over the life of the unit.


Please contact your local Zurn Representative, Ancamna Sales at 506 855 0022 for more information

Approvals: http://directories.csa-international.org/xml_transform.asp?xml=certxml%5C062548_0_000-6813-01.xml&xsl=xsl/certrec.xsl

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